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Thank you very much for agreeing to share your knowledge, experience, and professional insights by participating in an ISA technical conference. Your involvement helps ISA fulfill its mission of advancing the knowledge and application of automation technologies. We appreciate your cooperation in reading, signing, and returning this form because this helps us ensure that we have a common understanding of our respective expectations.

• Prepare a paper and/or presentation that one or more of the authors agree to present in person at the ISA technical conference listed on this form.
• Make a best faith effort to meet deadlines set by the conference committee so that the conference is publicized effectively, and the event is successful for authors and attendees.
• Follow the ISA paper and presentation guidelines when preparing and delivering the paper and/or presentation.
• Cooperate with reviewers that may provide comments and suggestions to the paper and/or presentation, understanding that the goal is to have the most effective and technically credible material.
• Grant to ISA a royalty-free, unlimited right to publish the paper and presentation materials, including the right to sell these materials and publish them with an ISA copyright notice.
• Avoid using the paper and presentation in a manner that directly competes with the technical conference so that ISA has a reasonable opportunity to recover its expenses.
• Allow ISA to use the name(s) and photograph(s) (if supplied) of author(s) in promotional materials.

• Communicate all deadlines on a regular basis with sufficient notice to allow author(s) to be successful.
• Publicize the technical conference and the participation of the author(s) in a manner that reasonably contributes to the success of the conference and a professionally satisfying experience for the author(s).
• Facilitate both technical and style reviews of the paper and/or presentation so that author(s) receive constructive suggestions that help lead to a credible and effective paper and/or presentation.
• Allow the author(s) to retain copyright and use of the paper and presentation materials in exchange for rights granted above to ISA.

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