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Anil Kumar Reddy Kokku

Functional Safety & SIS
Anil Kumar Reddy Kokku

Anil Kumar Reddy Kokku

Sr. I&C Engineer, Technical Services, GASCO

An enthusiastic and ingenious Reliability Professional with 15 years of experience in Asset Reliability & Maintenance Management for Oil and Gas industries. I was working as a principle engineer in Invensys operation management Dubai for system design and commissioning and subsequently worked in Takreer as a control engineer in integrity department responsible for SIL and RCM study facilitation. Currently I am working with GASCO as IPF specialist.

Safety Instrumented Protections for Electrical Process Gas heaters

Functional Safety & SIS

Abstract: Objectives/Scope:

Assess adequacy of safety protections available on the process gas electrical heaters during the no / less flow condition to avoid failures leading to catastrophic consequences.

Results, Observations, Conclusions:

No or less gas flow through the electrical heaters can cause mechanical fatigue and severe overheating. This can lead to potential Loss of Containment and fire / explosion.

Electrical heater temperature trip settings shall always be lower than the mechanical design temperature (MDT) as per good engineering practices followed by heater vendors. Usually process temperature of downstream of the heater is controlled by a feedback control loop manipulating the electrical power input to the heating elements. In case there is no / less gas flow through the electrical heater or malfunction of the temperature loop, can result in high temperature in heater exceeding the Mechanical design temperatures.

This paper presents best practices to be followed in during design for achieving safe operation of electrical heaters. Both interior and exterior temperature protections, their functionality along with process control instrumentation will be discussed to achieve process safety.

Paper further presents IPF design to meet the required SIL rating or Layers Of Protection Analysis (LOPA) requirements as well as the requirements for the temperature class and heating element integrity.

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