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Gilles Loridon

Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity
Gilles Loridon

Gilles Loridon

CEO, Global Security Network

Gilles LORIDON, MSc in Computer Science from French IT Engineering school, IIE, has worked as IT Consultant for more than twenty-four years and in the Cyber Security field for more than eighteen years.

Between 1994 and 1999, Gilles developed Industrial Applications in France, USA and Canada for the Nuclear, Aviation and Logistics sectors.
In 1999, Gilles joined a pure player in Economic Intelligence, CEIS, as a Project Leader and later, took the responsibility of its Middle East Branch. During the last eighteen years as CEO of Global Security Network, he has been leading and implementing successful cyber security projects for governmental Agencies, Critical infrastructure companies and Military Departments in Europe, Africa, as well as in the Middle East. Gilles is a Subject Matter Expert on ICS/SCADA Cyber Security and on the relevant standards (ISO-27001, IEC-62443, ISF-IRAM) and regulations (USNRC 5.71, UAE NESA, NEI-08-09).
Gilles is the principal SME to perform inspections and reviews of the Cyber Security Plan of the UAE Nuclear Program.
Gilles is speaking in many conferences in Asia and the GCC (UAE RSA 2016, ISA Oman 2017, ISA Malaysia 2017 and the 2016 International Nuclear Security conference in Vienna) presenting, peer reviewed, DCS/SCADA cyber security related subjects.

IIoT Cyber Security: a new paradigm.

Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity

Abstract: The goal of this presentation is to explain the challenges and the different cyber security approaches when implementing Industrial Internet of Things in Critical Infrastructure Companies. IIoT is rather new for IT Network and OT Engineers and therefore it creates specific challenges with very little operating experience.
In the first part of this presentation we will examine the main cyber security issues introduced by IIoT devices and architecture.
In the second part of this presentation we will explore the principal cyber security approaches to secure IIoT and the security technologies available.
In the first part, we will look at the typical IIoT architecture and the nature of data as well as the type of the communication between different parts of the network. IIoT architecture is the synthesis of the Industrial Digitalization, Big Data and AI, all offering important opportunities for better serviceability and increased profitability but also posing major and critical cyber security challenges. As Confidentiality is the major challenge of IoT, Availability and Integrity are the true challenges of IIoT.
In the second part, we will scrutinize the typical cyber security solutions available and how they are totally failing in protecting Critical Infrastructure IIoT. After reviewing the classical architecture proposed by standards such as IEC-62443 or NEI-08-09, we will propose an architecture inspired by a new draft standard NAMUR-NOA, which, while not being 100% secure, will offer much more security than the classical solutions thanks to innovative one-way communications.

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