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Jim McGlone

Chief Marketing Officer, Kenexis

Mr. McGlone is the Chief Marketing Officer at Kenexis and is a certified Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional. Jim has over thirty years of control system experience including nuclear power plant control systems. Jim has served as the ISA Safety & Security Division Director and currently serves as the president of central Ohio’s Control System Cyber Security Association. Jim's education includes degrees in physics, computer technology, and an MBA in International Business.

Prior to joining Kenexis, Jim spent fifteen years developing industrial software business globally for Rockwell Automation and five years as the vice president of a Honeywell technology business. In addition to many years of design and programming experience, Jim also served the US Navy on two submarines as a nuclear reactor operator and electronic technician.

Our Forefathers and ICS/SACDA Cybersecurity

Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security

Abstract: The risk of a cyber-attack on ICS/SCADA can be significantly reduced by adopting our forefathers’ security ideas from the past. In this presentation, we will discuss solid concepts based on thousands of years and how to apply them to protect our ICS/SCADA systems, workstations, and controllers.

Our forefathers watched who came in and out of their cities as they passed through the gates. They designed walls to prevent people from entering except through a gate and the gate was carefully monitored and closed if something was wrong. They set aside watchmen to make rounds and report. We will discuss why it is advisable to replicate these behaviors in cybersecurity programs to better understand at every level in the organization and protect network performance.

Consider a firewall at the perimeter of a zone and how much it acts like a wall around a city. We only open ports to allow traffic through as necessary, watch traffic and shut ports if something is wrong, virtually the same as the gates of old. It’s the watchman that makes this story interesting. What would a watchman look like in our ICS today?

In this presentation, we will discuss today’s walls, gates, and watchmen and specifically what each would do to ensure that our industrial control systems are safe and intruders have not hidden inside our walls. We will discuss specific actions and systems to ensure that we are confident that we know what is on our wires and hiding in our computers

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