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Medhat Zaghloul

Turbomachinery Controls
Medhat Zaghloul

Medhat Zaghloul

Technology Manager, Compressor Controls Corporation

oined CCC in 1993. Established and headed the Engineering team in CCC’s Amsterdam, Houston and Abu Dhabi Offices. Regional Technology Manager based in CCC’s Abu Dhabi Office since 2012.

Have been directly involved as lead design engineer for over 40 compressor and gas turbine controls projects and reviewed, commissioned, trouble-shot and reported on over 300 turbomachinery controls installations worldwide.

Modern Turbomachinery Control System Features

Turbomachinery Controls

Abstract: There is a perception that a modern turbomachinery control system needs only to be fast acting.

Loop execution time in the proposed hardware is therefore being promoted as the “main” differentiator to sell a particular turbomachinery control system.

This is nothing more than a sales pitch.

In the author’s opinion, a high-performance modern turbomachinery controls system must possess many features in order to be effective at providing antisurge and performance control; in addition to just adequate loop execution time.

This presentation will list many of these features, to help empower potential buyers to properly describe or specify the required turbomachinery control features.

After all, WYSIWYG - What You Specify Is What You Get.

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