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Medhat Zaghloul

Turbomachinery Controls
Medhat Zaghloul

Medhat Zaghloul

Regional Technology Manager, Technology, Compressor Controls Corporation

Medhat Zaghloul is CCC’s Regional Technology Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, based in Abu Dhabi.
Medhat joined CCC in 1993, after a 15-year career in instrumentation and controls in the petrochemical industry. His responsibilities include providing technical guidance, supporting Sales, and developing technical solutions and control applications for CCC.

Medhat has over 39 years of controls experience in a variety of up-, mid- and down-stream Oil & Gas facilities. Medhat holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Cairo Institute of Technology, Egypt.

Refrigeration Compressor Controls & Optimization for the Oil & Gas Industries

Turbomachinery Controls

Abstract: This presentation discusses the design basics for 2-stage refrigeration compressors and discusses the benefits of incorporating a flash gas Economizer. These design basics can easily be applied on larger refrigeration trains.
The various methods of controlling the performance these machines are discussed, with the pros and cons for each method analyzed.

The proper antisurge control design is developed and correct recycle line arrangements are presented.
Because of the sidestream piping arrangements that characterize the vast majority of these compressors, it becomes necessary to infer the flowrate of some of the compression stages. Methods on how to implement this in modern turbomachinery control systems are presented and described.

Parallel refrigeration trains are becoming more and more common, especially in large LNG facilities. The pitfalls of piping arrangements are exposed, and the best practice in designing their parallel piping arrangements described.

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