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Edwin Choo

Process Safety
Edwin Choo

Edwin Choo

Detection Product Group Manager, Fixed Gas & Flame Detection, MSA

An expert consultant level engineering professional in Flame & Gas detection industry with a skill set which includes:
a) F&G and related systems design including architectural design and configuration of plant-wide networked systems.
b) Evaluation of system safety integrity and SIL assessment as per IEC61511/61508. Certified Functional Safety Professional (CFSP) since 2007.
c) Performance of fire & gas systems design as per ISA-TR84.00.07 (Guidance on the evaluation of fire, combustible gas and toxic gas detection system effectiveness)
d) Performance of gas and flame detection coverage assessments with gas and flame risk mapping tools, and gas dispersion modeling tools.

F&G Mapping impact on Overall Process Safety

Process Safety

Abstract: Fire & Gas mapping has been around for as long as F&G detectors, the difference is that now a software built on an algorithm can replace the traditional way of manual mapping carried out on best practices philosophy.

F&G mapping software today provide a wide range of benefits and advantages which include (not limited to):
> Removes the Human Error factor built in to manual mapping Optimizes
> Detector Quantity Identifies best Location, Elevation and Inclination
> of detectors Design verifiable to a F&G performance target set by the
> end user Mapping report will provide traceable scientific basis to the
> F&G design, in case the design is ever challenged The software
> calculations and algorithms are built based on guidance from
> ISA-TR84.00.07 and principles of ISA/IEC 61511

This session will present performance based approach to F&G design and encourage the adoption of F&G performance target concept to overall process safety of a facility.

Speaker, Edwin Choo is an expert on F&G design, SIL study and Mapping consultancy with 20+ years of experience in the safety industry which include holding a patent.

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