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Peter Sieber

Process Safety
Peter Sieber

Peter Sieber

Vice President Region China, Vice President Norms & Standards, HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH

Short Biography:
Professional Background:
 1985 – 1992 Sales Leader at a branch office of Pepperl + Fuchs
 1992 – 2001 Sales Manager Honeywell Safety Management Systems
 2001- 2005 Business Director European Pharmaceutical Business at Honeywell
 2006 – 2013 General Manager at Bilfinger alpha msr GmbH
 2014 -2017 General Manager Global Sales at HIMA
 2017 - …. Vice President Norms and Standards, Vice President Region China

Current Projects / Responsibilities:
 Responsible for HIMA business in China
 Coordination of Norms & Standard activities
 Review and Expansion of HIMA Portfolio

Professional Interests:
 Functional safety: Participating at development of IEC 61508/61511
 Applications: Participating at development of EN 50156
 IT Security: Participating at development of IEC 62443, IEC TR 63069
 Standardization of engineering processes: Participating development of IEC 62337, 62382

It takes two to tango - safety and security

Process Safety

Abstract: Don’t become tomorrow’s headline. IT security vulnerabilities can be found in almost any kind of automation system. Protect your industrial plant with the latest strategies for aligning safety and security. Learn about recommendations from the IEC for simultaneously applying Functional Safety (IEC 61508) and IT Security (IEC 62443) standards.
A generic strategy on how to align both standards simultaneously will be introduced.
How to handle risk management as well as how to cope with the different lifecycles will be presented.
The Zone and conduit concept of IEC 62443 will be discussed.
Different configurations of the SIS implementation will be introduced and discussed in view of the security impact on functional safety.

In particular:
• Take a ways from recent safety relevant security incidents in industrial plants demonstrate the need for specific IT security improvements.
• A strategy of handling updates and upgrades of SIS
• A strategy on how to protect information transfer between SIS and DCS
• Protection of real time data connection between SIS and DCS
• A strategy on how to protect field device running digital communication protocols
will be introduced and their impact on safety and security will be discussed.

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